This season is beginning to look a lot like last season. When people asked me last season where to go to find the snow, I simply said “Head north.” Now in the infancy of the 2012/2013 season, my answer to this question is still the same. Northern areas like Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana are racking up the powder and setting up a good base.

Two storms will move through the Rockies over the next week, and while one of them might make it south to Colorado, the theme of “north” will continue to hold.

The first storm will head from west to east across Idaho, Montana, and northern Wyoming on Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving Day. Many areas should measure 4 to 8 inches, though some luckier high-elevation locations could total a foot by the end of Turkey Day.

After a few sunny days on Friday and Saturday (just in time for resort openings, like Grand Targhee on Friday and Jackson Hole on Saturday), a new storm will take a similar path to the previous one and put down another 6 to 12 inches on Saturday night and Sunday. This storm will then twist and merge with another piece of energy and the whole mess will head southeast on Sunday night and Monday. This storm will then sideswipe Colorado and Utah bringing a few inches to the northern sections of each state by the end of Monday. There’s still some wiggle room for this storm, so it’s possible that Colorado could see a few more inches if the storm moves closer or a few less inches if the storm heads further east. Ah, weather forecasting… ain’t it fun?!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Joel Gratz is a Meteorologist and the creator of