[R123R, Crystal Mountain] and families go together like ice cream and chocolate syrup. Better Homes and Gardens Magazine has called it the best family resort in the Midwest, and they well may be right. Crystal has a fabulous reputation for taking care of families and making them feel right at home.

Honoring its family commitment, Crystal is hosting its second annual Winter FamilyPalooza and Mountain Mascot Games the weekend of March 6-8. It's a weekend of fun and friendly competition where families compete against one another in a variety of silly on-and-off slope activities - all in a quest to be crowned the 2009 FamilyPalooza Champions. Family members, young and old, have to work together to bring home the championship.

You also will have a front row seat to watch as Crystal's furry, lovable mascots, as well as some of Michigan's favorite mascots - maybe Sparty or a Wolverine - go head-to-head in hilarious challenges of their own as part of the Mountain Mascot Games. Come out and root your favorite mascot to victory.

There's also a USASA Huck Finn K2 ski and snowboard competition March 7-8. There's a big air, slopestyle, halfpipe, and night rail jam competition Saturday. Sunday features a boarder and skicross competition.