Blue skies are nice, but what about some fresh snow? Well, your patience will be rewarded, but we’ll need to get through another dry week first.

Last week the Rockies saw fantastic snow, measuring two to three feet in parts of Utah and Wyoming and topping a foot in some areas of northern Colorado. The storm that dropped this snow moved eastward and became the storm that enticed Hurricane Sandy to make a left turn and head back west into the US (which is very unusual for a hurricane to do that far north).

Once that storm moved on to capture Hurricane Sandy, the interior sections of the western US were left high and dry as the storm track shifted north into Canada. This weather pattern is pretty well locked in through the next week, though a weak storm will head through Wyoming on Friday bringing a few inches to the Tetons.

Looking ahead, there is some good news, but the details are still sketchy as the next storm is over a week away. Most of the computer models forecast that the current (dry) weather pattern will shift around November 8 and a colder, snowier storm will hit the west coast and move toward Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. Of course, with this being a 7 to 10 day forecast, there’s little certainty in exactly where this storm will go, and the details are what separates an inch or two from a foot or two. Even though it’s still too early to give a precise forecast, you can see in the graphic that the last few computer models (which are released every six hours) all show a storm in the Rockies late next week. This storm’s details, however, remain a mystery.

Hope for the best and do your snow dance!

Joel Gratz is a Meteorologist and the creator of