Capture Camera Clip System

MSRP: $80

What started as an engineer's desire to create a better camera strap has morphed into Capture—a wearable clip that connects to any strap or belt and holds your camera. Originally backed by Kickstarter funders, Capture is ideal for photographers who need easy access to their camera and don't want to wear a strap around their neck. Operation is simple—just thread the clip through a belt strap or pack strap—and use a quick release plate to secure the camera in place. The only drawback that we found was that heavy lenses can be awkward, so play around with placement to find your sweet spot.  

Bottom Line

The Capture Camera Clip System is exactly what you'd expect from an engineer who is good at his job and obsessed with quality. The clip isn't for everyone, but if you want to be hands free and get rid of those annoying neck straps, this is something to at least try out.


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