No one really knows when the snow will cover the slopes. Winter Park understands the hesitancy and is willing to offer a “Snow Guarantee.” Book your trip now with the plan to visit sometime between Nov. 14 and Dec. 20 and if the snow isn't up to your liking and conditions aren’t great, you can rebook your vacation for later in the season.

“The idea for the Snow Guarantee and decision to launch this unique offer came from Winter Park Resort’s goal to provide all visitors with an incredible vacation at the resort.” That’s according to Rachel Anderson, Communications Coordinator at Winter Park.

Snowfall in the Rockies wasn’t great last season, but resorts are hoping that this year will be different. Winter Park has had an average of 326 inches of snow per season, for the last ten years, and hopes that at least that much falls in 2012/2013. “We expect to see fantastic response to this offer, as well as great snow this season,” says Anderson.

There are a few rules to the deal. You need to reschedule 48 hours before your arrival. The cost of the early season trip will be applied to the later dates. The guest has to pay the difference if the price is higher for the second vacation. Rescheduling is also done on a space available basis, and you have to reschedule before the season ends Apr. 21. There are no refunds.

It’s worth looking into, and there is a long list of participating properties at the base area, and in the town of Winter Park.

Click Here for more information or call 866-239-3994.