Smith Optics I/O Recon


The I/O Recon seamlessly blends unmatched optics technologies with direct-to-eye digital data delivered via Recon Instruments' MOD Live display pre-integrated into the goggle. GPS and other sensors precisely track velocity, jump analytics, vertical, altitude and more; data is shown on the unobtrusive Heads-Up Display mini-screen. With Recon's innovative prism technology, data is virtually displayed on a 14-inch screen five feet away. MOD Live also connects to smart phones via Bluetooth to receive texts and caller IDs, track buddies and manage music playlists. Changing lenses is quick and simple: flip the top switches, pop out the lens and replace it with a new one. I/O Recon includes an advanced Spherical, Carbonic-X Lens for optimum scratch and impact resistance and Tapered Lens Technology to mitigate light refraction for clearer vision.

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