O'Neill global team rider Jeremy Jones will be hitting London later this month as part of a whirlwind tour of Europe to unveil Further, the second installment in his trilogy of big mountain snowboard films.

The new film, shot and produced over the course of two years, showcases the world's finest freeride snowboarding as it unfolds in some of the most remote and hard-to-access locations on the planet - with not a helicopter in sight.

"When we decided a few years ago to turn our backs on helicopters," said Jeremy, "It was down to two big factors. Firstly, we felt it was important to minimize the impact we were having on the environment. Secondly, going back to basics, coupled with a ton of planning and commitment, has allowed us to explore areas that were previously out of reach - it's an approach that's changed the game, and Further is proof of that."

The Further European Tour will be tearing a path through Europe from October 21 and hitting London's Freeze Festival Oct. 26.

Each premiere event will be a fitting celebration of next-level snowboarding, with a message based around sustainability and personal responsibility running through the mind-blowing action.

Get in on the action and come say hello to Jeremy and the rest of the boys - there'll be live music, a heap of product giveaways and plenty of all-round good times to be had.

Check out the trailer of Further:

Jeremy Jones' Further Official Trailer from O'Neill on Vimeo.