The Leavenworth Winter Sports Club is once again hosting that annual tour over and through the woods, ridges, and snowfields of Washington's Central Cascades known as the Hog Loppet.

Groups of backcountry skiers will participate in the non-competitive (yeah, right) 30-kilometer jaunt from the top of [R238R, Mission Ridge Ski Area] to Blewett Pass Saturday, Feb. 28.

The trek begins after a ride up Mission Ridge's lifts to the resort's crest, where participants can frolic on groomed trails after a bit of ungroomed backcountry skiing. It continues across Tondsen Ridge to Haney Meadows and concludes with a decent to Blewett Pass.

There will be aid stations every 10 kilometers, with water, snacks and emergency equipment, and refreshments served at the trek's end. (The organizers caution that the Hog Loppet is not for first-time off-piste skiers because of the some steep and ungroomed conditions.)

Event registration is $45 (forms are available online), and there is also a $20 fee for the shuttle bus that will return you to Mission Ridge.

Once you're back at the resort, check out the final day of Mission Ridge's season-long Mountain Music Festival, which will feature SlackDaddy performing in Hampton Lodge that evening (for free) from 6:30-9:30 p.m.