RED Mountain Resort, situated along British Columbia’s famous “Powder Highway,” has just embarked on a two-year expansion plan that will add almost 1,000 acres of skiable terrain to their already massive 1,685.

RED, located in Rossland, BC, is expanding to adjacent Grey Mountain in order to open up a variety of new terrain. The expansion to Grey will provide, like RED’s Granite Peak, what they call “3-D skiing,” the ability to ski 360 degrees of surrounding terrain, accessed by a single lift, thanks to its cone shaped peak.

Chris Cushing of Snow Engineering Group, one of the ski resort industry’s premier design and engineering firms, says that, “not only does the expansion increase RED’s skiable terrain by about 1,000 acres, it also adds wide terrain variety—from groomed cruising runs to tree glades and alpine chutes—that will create a whole new world for RED skiers.”  

The 997-acre expansion will elevate RED into the top three-percent of all North American resorts in terms of skiable acreage. Its total skiable acres, 2,682, will make it larger than esteemed ski areas such as Jackson Hole and Snowbird.

For 2012/2013 the resort will offer access to Grey Mountain via an all-new Alpina Sherpa, a type of snowmobile-bus with a 9-person capacity, with lift service beginning in the winter of 2013/2014.

With its extreme terrain, laid-back attitude and focus on distancing itself from over-commercialization, RED is a sort of diamond in the rough. Fran Richards, VP of Marketing, believes that “many recreational skiers and snowboarders have never experienced a pure world like RED and we’d like to show them that the other side is, in fact, better.” 

Read the full press release here.