OnTheSnow talks to the man behind Kästle, CEO Siegfried Rumpfhuber, to learn what they have in store for skiers this year. Find out what Siegfried tips to be best-sellers in Kästle's 2013 ski line and which new trends will be taking the slopes by storm this winter.

OnTheSnow: Any new trends in Kästle's hard/soft goods this year?

Siegfried: We definitely see the rockered ski progressing. As for Kästle, we were the first European ski manufacturer to present a full line of rockered skis back in 2009, so today we have a lot of experience with that topic, and also with what it means to apply it to the specific needs of different product and target groups.

Another major trend we are actively pushing and see the Kästle brand at the forefront of the market is the application of lightweight technologies to the ski. Our TX randonnee series are amongst the lightest ski products on the market now, but offer an exceptional ski performance. We were able to meet the demands of the market here by blending lightweight engineering competences with our long experience in the field of freeskiing, and also tying in our mountaineering team of excellent skiers (Chris Davenport, Giulia Monego, Steve House) into the product development.

OnTheSnow: What do you think will be Kästle best sellers in this year's ski line?

Siegfried: The MX88 is the product that probably defines best what Kästle is today. High-end, high-quality, high-performance, and all of that in the distinctive Kästle look. A product with great utility, your true one ski choice for everyday on the mountain.

OnTheSnow: Is there anything Kastle is particularly proud of in its new ski line?

Siegfried: The developments with the TX randonnee ski line were incredible, and we get super good feedback from both consumers and retailers. It looks like we deliver a product the market has been waiting for so far. A second field we are quite happy about is the extension of our core segment, the MX all-mountain line, where our stellar MX88 received a slightly skinnier brother, the MX83. This ski is just a bit more piste-oriented, thus for sure our number 1 product for the central European markets, and also the Eastern USA. Again our race-bred construction, applied to all-mountain sidecuts, to race the mountain everyday. 

OnTheSnow: Where do you see skis in 10 years?

Siegfried: Ski rentals are for sure a dominant theme; and we see further growth there. It is first of all a convenience topic for people, and we see that affect both the retail, but also the tourism side of the business.

As for technology, skis will get for sure even easier to handle and transport, so composite and lightweight technologies is something high on our development agenda, and we have some interesting projects in the pipeline. Skiing should be easy and convenient, yet products have to deliver the utmost in terms of performance and function. That’s the approach we are taking at Kästle here.

A dedicated big-mountain skier, Griffin Post, was integral to the design of the MX98 that became the BMX98 last season. Watch Griffin in action:

Griffin Post - Kästle Pro Team Athlete in an edit of TGR's "One for the road" from Kaestle GmbH on Vimeo.


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