The battle to become the first Winter Dew Cup champion will come to a close on the weekend of Feb. 19-21 when the three-stop tour comes to [R299R, Northstar].

Most of the big names in the park and pipe world - think Shaun White, Hannah Teter, Tanner Hall, Simon Dumont, Kelly Clark -- will be competing in the event, which will consist of men's and women's snowboard slopestyle (both Friday), men's and women's snowboard superpipe (both Saturday) and men's skiing superpipe and slopetyle (both Sunday).

White has a significant lead in both the men's snowboard superpipe and slopestyle competitions, as do Clark (women's snowboard superpipe) and Spencer O'Brien (women's snowboard slopestyle). However, the other two events are tight: Hall and Justin Dorey are tied in the men's freestyle superpipe, and JF Houle and Per-Kristian Hunder are knotted up in the men's skiing slopestyle.

If the action on the hill doesn't excite you, maybe some of the diversions in the Village will: Common, the Grammy Award-winning hip-hop star, will share the stage with prog-rock band Tweak Bird for a free concert Friday evening.

The final round of the inaugural Winter Dew Tour, which is partially owned by NBC, will be televised on the Peacock Channel (and USA Network) on a same-day basis throughout the weekend. Check local listings.