Farmington Ski Club has celebrated its 70th Anniversary with an old-fashioned beans and franks supper and evening of reminiscence.

The club began in 1939 when a group of about 25 people gathered under the name "Franklin Ski and Outing Club."

The club history recounts that members skied on the Voter Hill farm where Mrs. Voter served chicken dinners for 50 cents, and that membership dues were $1.25 a year, with those under paying 75 cents.

The club installed a lift in February 1942 on nearby Knapp Farm - current site of Titcomb Mountain.

Since then, the history recounts, "many acres have been purchased, lifts have been installed, a lodge and other buildings built, and thousands of school children and adults have learned to ski and snowboard and enjoy the outdoors of Maine in the winter."

This history continues: "Through the years the Farmington Ski Club has had its ups and downs, but the members and community have always rallied to make sure that this treasure called Titcomb Mountain has remained alive. Most snowsport areas today are owned by individuals, families, or corporations, but Titcomb Mountain is one of the few in the country that is purely Club owned and operated, run by the people who enjoy it. The Farmington Ski Club can be proud of its history and of the seventy years of hard work of many individuals and the community in keeping this community asset alive."