At this time, milk producers put all productions together in order to produce this big cheese of 80 kg, in a cheese dairy. For mountainers, this rich food enables to resist to long alpine winter. That 's why it is called "gard cheese".

Today, you could find the Savoy Emmental in savoy cheese dairy. You only need to have a fishing rod and to fish for some trouts in rivers ; it's seasonal !

Ingredients (for 4 persons) :
- 4 trouts.
- 200 g of Savoy Emmental.
- 2 tomatoes.
- Onions, shallots, sweet herbs, lemon, butter.

Preparation :
- To put on parcel paper each trout, to cover with Savoy Emmental cheese, sweet herbs, to add some seasoning and a slice of tomatoe.
- To put a lemon juce, and to add a knob of butter. To close back parcels.
- To put in oven at 180-200 °C about 30 minutes.
- To serve with a good Savoy white wine such as : Crepy, Chignin, Apremont or Marin.

Enjoy your meal and good fishing !