The half-pipe of big size (100 meters length, 25 meters broad, 3 meters top) is enlightened.

The course of Boarder-Cross has 2 raised turns, 1 camel (bump in staircase), 1 banked turn, 1 “trop pire cool” (succession of 4 humps directed to 90 ° and stuck ones to the others), a flat springboard, 2 turns, a bump of arrival and other bumps on all the sides.

The modules zone is equipped with a wide and flat springboard for the initiation, 1 average pro jump, 1 pro jump of big size, 2 pyramids or "table top", 2 simple gaps (bumps of takeoff, small hole, reception slope), 1 gap of larches (springboards of jump and reception between two small larches).
Every morning, bumps are worked by the slopes teams and their machines in order to make them less hard.

All the winter, each week, the Mix and Fly Contest :The Mix and Fly Contest is an animation/demonstration of jump in snowboard and ski freestyle, associated to a music show, in which all the riders can take part.
This event has as a characteristic to accomodate a DJ. or a group of known DJ' S, in all styles of music (Electronic, Hip Hop, etc...) each week, every Thursday evenings (8 o'clock pm).
All riders can take part Thursdays evenings, into night and lights, at this free contest of jumps on a springboard which is on the level of the departure of the slopes.