[R1512R, Moonlight Basin] hosts parties on Friday nights in March for families. Family Nights at Moonlight line up activities for kids and the whole family at Headwaters Grille.

"It's a nice setting, and a great way for families to connect with other visiting families," Director of Marketing Jeanette May told OnTheSnow.com.

A bonfire for roasting marshmallows greets families at entrance. Families can turn the evening into a pizza party or just participate in activities. Parents have the option of relaxing on the sidelines as the Moonlight staff supervises the kids or jumping in to join in the fun. Sledding, however, requires parental participation.

Families turning the event into a pizza party can build their own pizzas or have the grille staff prepare them. The Family Size Pizza package for $45 includes a family-sized pizza, four soft drinks, and two activity bands. Individuals can purchase the $15 Personal Pizza package that comes with a one-person pizza, a soft drink, and one activity band. Purchase additional activity bands with pizza parties for $5 each.

The Moonlight staff organizes kids for crafts, board games, and children's videos. Outside activities include night sledding on Cup-a-Jo, igloo building, and marshmallow roasting --all right in front of the Grille. Kid celebrities, such as Cinderella, sometimes even make an appearance. Activity bands without food purchases cost $10 each.

Family Nights at Moonlight run from 4:30 - 8 p.m. Mar. 6, 13, 20, and 27. Call 406- 995-7716 for more information. Purchase activity bands and pizza vouchers at the Season Pass Cabin in Madison Village Base.