A special feature of the area is that it is accessible from nine different villages and hamlets surrounding the main village of Folgaria. However, until this season, it was difficult to reach the Costa region from the pistes in the Ortesino area, the two areas being linked only by a long and exhausting connecting piste.

This winter the resort decided to create a new connecting piste, the "Stella d'Italia - Costa". However, to give access to this new connecting piste, it was necessary to create a comfortable new way of transporters skiers and snowboarders as well as their differeing equipment.

Resort management decided to install a 165m long fully-covered SunKid Wonder Carpet. The conveyor is supervised using a video surveillance system and also fitted with a one-way audio connection which can be used to give instructions to guests on the conveyor. These facilities mean that the entire facility can be safely supervised by just one person.

Head of the resort management of "Carosello Ski Folgaria GmbH", Claudio Valle, commented: "The covered conveyor works perfectly and is one of the most attractive features in the whole ski area. The facility is particularly popular with our younger guests and I have already heard lots of stories about funny things happening on the lift!"

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