The 228m (aprox 700 feet) long lift was installed by Austrian-based manufacturer SunKid at the resort's Tamarix Actionpark which has been expanded to cover a total of five hectares. It is the ninth time in succession that SunKid has taken the ‘longest-ski-carpet-conveyor-lift in the world' record.

This new Wonder Carpet lift can transport all the resort's guests using a huge variety of equipment from skis, snowboards and monoskis to modern and traditional toboggans as well as the latest trendy snow accessories such as snowtubes and snowbikes. Even spectators not joining in the snow fun are able to use the lifts including parents with young children in buggies.

A maintenance shaft installed beneath both the top and bottom stations of the conveyor means there is no need to clear snow continuously and makes any maintenance work on the installation significantly easier. A hydraulic tension system installed in the bottom station ensures that the conveyor remains under the correct tension along its entire length.

The mayor of Mühlwald, Josef Unterhofer, commented, "The Actionpark is extremely popular among both guests to the region and locals alike. People come from all over the Pustertal Valley to visit us. At the weekend we play host to numerous events arranged by local groups and clubs and during the week we are open on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8 p.m. until 11 p.m. This means that local residents who work during the day also have the chance to enjoy our facilities in the evenings."

A spokesman for SunKid said, "The Tamarix Actionpark represents a further successful step in the realisation of our "Winter in the Village" concept. SunKid wants to promote snow in all its wonderful forms to locals and guests alike in both large and smaller ski regions. The mains aims of "Winter in the Village" are to support and promote the next generation of skiers, to kindle the interest in snow in all its forms as well as to give an important social impulse by reviving the original character of mountain villages." /