Several initiatives have been set up since 2003, when the village project 2003/2013 was launched, aimed at finding the best ways to fulfil holiday-makers' desires whilst simultaneously developing a tourist programme based on sustainable development.

The resort is a test site in mountain resort transportation and a partner in two European programmes. Alpine Pearls is a group of 20 tourist destinations that adhere to a project of sustainable development, the aim of which is to reinforce environmental protection in the Alps while taking into account tourism and transport. This association, which Les Gets has belonged to since its outset, celebrated its first birthday at the start of 2007.

Whilst others speak about climate protection, Alpine Pearls takes innovative steps in developing environmentally friendly transport, and actively works to improve the quality of these services in each of its ‘Pearls' in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy and France, representing in total 12 million vacation nights spent in resorts each year.

Today, the Alpine Pearls badge makes sense, in that it assures our guests that the tourist services offered live up to their expectations. With all the Pearls sharing a communal marketing policy, the association wishes to show that car-free or partially car-free resorts are not restrictive, and can be synonymous with enjoyable holidays.

One of the objectives is to attract clients drawn to alternative forms of transport, who are consequently ‘responsible tourists'. The Pearls have adopted a ‘neutral climate' policy concerning the principal of holidays. This means that holiday-makers are invited to enjoy a holiday whilst reducing CO2 emissions (for example by travelling by train, or choosing an accommodation that respects certain environmental principles).

Although the harmful effects of transport on the environment cannot be completely avoided, the idea is to neutralise carbon emissions by compensatory measures (for example installing solar panels, using a wood-chip boiler...).

Once tourists have arrived at their destination (with or without cars), environmentally friendly transport takes over, providing efficient services.

The village centre of Les Gets is currently undergoing a three year reconstruction project which will create a new central square incorporating a large pedestrian area in the heart of the village. Part of the high street is also being renovated and wide pavements will facilitate the passage of both pedestrians and cyclists who will be able to move in safety without having to worry about automobile traffic.

Les Gets offers free shuttle buses and a free underground car park, in addition
to free exterior car parks, to encourage visitors not to use their car during their stay.

Les Gets is also part of a European programme named Mobil'Alp, the aim of which is to develop services for clients, management tools and innovative offers within a frame work of sustainable development.

"When on holiday, our guests are first and foremost in search of calm and serenity, a
feel-good sensation, and safety. This is why Les Gets has made a decision: 100% focus on limiting the use of cars in the village. In the mountains, it is no longer possible to tolerate cars as the only method of transport. As a result, numerous ideas have recently been introduced, all aimed at environmentally friendly mobility." Said a resort spokesperson.