For over a century, Capri and St. Moritz have been linked by a similar type of clientele that numbers Hollywood and opera stars, kings and princesses, statesmen, tycoons and other recognized personalities. Among them is Antonio Amato, head of the Italian pasta empire bearing his name - the official pasta supplier to the Italian national football team, and more recently also to Swissski.

Antonio Amato heard of the strategic alliance between his two favourite holiday resorts, Capri and St. Moritz. He contacted the people in charge in the Engadin and the Mediterranean, who proceeded to create a joint brand, "Le Due Regine" - in English, "the two queens". After 12 months of work, on April 13th this year, in fashion capital Milan, Antonio Amato launched a pasta he had created to celebrate the two resorts. An art exhibition designed by Briton Richard Gray and titled, "Fashion plays with pasta," has been created to compliment the launch.

"Le Due Regine Pasta" will go on the market this spring, supplied primarily to Italian gourmet shops and selected fine restaurants.