In a press release the Salzburg 2014 team says that more than 80 per cent of Salzburg's electricity is already delivered from renewable sources, mostly by hydropower, wind and biomass. The Salzburg Olympics would aim for minimum carbon emissions, high levels of energy conservation and sustainable powered transport systems. The Games would aim to convey the green message back to the world through the thousands of journalists visiting the region to report on the Games.

A decision on which candidate will host the 2014 games will be made in a month's time at an IOC meeting on July 4th in Guatemala City". The other two candidates are South Korea, who were close runners-up to Vancouver in the bids for 2010, with Pyeongchang and the Black Sea resort of Sochi in Russia. Salzburg was also a finalist for 2010 but withdrew from the process. All three candidates are believed to be very close in the bidding process, with Pyeongchang possibly the marginal leader thanks to its nears success in bidding to host 2010 and the fact that unlike Europe and North America, Asia has not hosted a Winter Games this century, the last Asian games being Nagano, Japan in 1998.