The company offers weekend packages, including coach travel, and accommodation from £149 from London and points south to Brides les Bains in the 3 Valleys - the world's largest ski area and a user of renewable energy for lifts, snow making and trail groomers. So the only part of the ski holiday that's not (yet) carbon neutral, is the company's Club Hotel Le Verseau where guests will stay. Full week stays are available from £199.

The carbon neutral coach travel will be provided by The Kings Ferry Travel Group which claims to be the first international coach company to become carbon neutral.
The company has worked with the Carbon Clear organisation to dramatically improve their current environmental performance and plan a further 25% reduction in emissions by 2012.

"Carbon Clear's initial assessment of our carbon footprint has enabled us to developed an ongoing programme to reduce all emissions. It also helped us to improve our CO² engine emissions from Euro level 1 to Euro level 3, and it is anticipated that level 5 will be achieved by 2012, further reducing our emissions by 25%." said a Kings Ferry Travel statement.

The Euro standard referred to applies to all vehicles, both private and commercial. Euro 1 vehicles create the most emissions, while those at level 5 create the least. All newly purchased Kings Ferry coaches operate at Euro level 4.

CO² emissions, calculated in kilograms per passenger per journey, show that coach travel is already one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transport currently available.

Kings Ferry point to statistics taken from the Department for Transport/National Atmospheric Emission Inventory 2004, which give CO2 emissions in kilogrammes per passenger per journey on a test route from London to Edinburgh as, air 96.4kg, car 71kg*, Electric Train 11.9kg, Diesel train 10.6kg, coach 9.2kg. (assumes average 1.56 people per car).

"To celebrate the new carbon neutral status, three Kings Ferry coaches now feature a thought-provoking carbon neutral livery, while all others will carry smaller carbon neutral branding." concluded the Kings Ferry statement.