The Sun Trail is intended for children, the whole family, and anyone else who's interested. The fascinating language of the sun is explained on eight panels and in three languages.

"Why does the sun rise? Why is the sky red at night? And why exactly does the sun shine? And how can the sun be used as an alternative source of energy? When and why are the sun's rays harmful to our skin?" are some of the questions posed and answered in a clear and easy-to-understand way, along with many other sunny questions.

"Sunny" is your constant companion on the Sun Trail. Sunny is a Carline thistle that grows and thrives on the sunny hill of Hannig. Incidentally, the Sun Trail is open all year round. Thanks to the sun: in summer, autumn and winter alike, the sun makes the trail a sunny and educational experience. And solar eclipse spectacles are available to purchase at a very favourable price from the Hannig upper station.