"We love being able to offer such world-class amenities so athletes can really push the sport," said Ken Rider, Director of Resort Sales and Marketing. "With the pipe right at the base and visible from our Village, anyone can enjoy the show whether they're on the mountain or enjoying après fare from our patios."

In California, Squaw Valley USA has also unveiled their new Riviera Superpipe, which replaces the previous standard halfpipe. The squaw facility is a 400-foot long full Superpipe with 18-foot walls and a 16-degree pitch with a new quarterpipe at the bottom. The pipe is also trenched (in-ground), a feature that aids in the process of building and maintaining a consistent and pristine pipe. The trench was created last summer using newly developed, sustainable trenching techniques, specifically related to halfpipe construction. Park crews spent over 160 hours over the last couple of weeks, moving snow, shaping and cutting the pipe.

Located on Squaw Valley's upper mountain just below the top terminal of the Funitel, the Riviera Park and Superpipe are easily accessible and serviced by the High Camp chairlift. In addition to the new Superpipe, park enthusiasts can also enjoy the a new Riviera jump line. The Riviera Terrain Park, adjacent to the new Superpipe, begins at the top of the High Camp chairlift with several rails, and leads into a new triple jump line that runs all the way to the bottom of the lift.

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