In an effort to coin this new term, Ski Utah and Winter at Westminster have teamed with The Addictionary (, an online dictionary of made up words (or ‘werds' as they prefer to call them), for the 2008 Ski/Snowboard Lingo Contest.

There are two goals and two chances to win. The goals are firstly to add to the general glossary of skier and snowboarder lingo and name the best new werd for 2008, and secondly to come up with that one ‘werd' - the mighty catch-all, the great equalizer, the big peacemaker - that describes both skiing and snowboarding in one fell swoop. There will be one winner in each category.

The Ski/Snowboard Lingo contest runs to March 4th, 2008 with the winners will be chosen by a panel of celebrity judges. Winners get two day passes at The Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah and 10 T-shirts featuring their winning word

"For years people have had to classify 'skiing and snowboarding' as two separate words," said Nathan Rafferty, Ski Utah president, "We hope this contest might help us find one single word which describes both of these great downhill snow sliding sports."