The resort believes that it is home to the most original and at the same time most eco-friendly ski lift in the Alps, located near Armentarola and linking the Lagazuoi/Armentarola ski run to the Skicarosello region.

It basically consists of a long rope that the skiers hold onto and a sledge powered by a "green" engine - a pair of avelignese or noriker horses. The pull runs on hay and fodder so does not burn any fossil fuels, however the climate changing methane gas produced jhas not been measured. There is a similar system on the ski run from S.Croce to Badia connecting the run to the Oies/Tana dell'Orso restaurant.

The lift is part of a range of ‘green' facilities in Alta Badia, which encompasses half a dozen villages in the area. In one of these, Pedraces, a 100% eco-friendly holiday village has opened which includes the first residence in Italy to run exclusively on photovoltaic solar energy.

Set in the old village of Fistì, The Residence Rosarela ( was built by Christine Dalleaste and Ulrich Foppa and has been awarded a "casa clima AAA" classification (the more A's there are, the lower the energy consumption). It is constructed mainly of local wood with extremely modern techniques to minimize internal heat loss. From the outside it looks like a typical altoadesine house perfectly in keeping with the surrounding "masi" (mountain farm houses). Its energy is produced by an 95 m² installation of photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of the adjacent hay-loft which produces sufficient energy to cover the needs of the entire building.

In another of Alta Badia's villages, La Villa remote heating reaches over 250 users through a 15.000 metre pipeline that, thanks to a power of 7000 KW, carries water at a temperature of 85 degrees. The remote heating plant reduces dependency on oil and makes for a notably more "livable" environment by reducing the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. The system runs on wood chip waste from saw mills.

In a third village, San Cassiano, farmer, Luca Crazzolara, has installed a bio-energy producing plant in his ultra-modern stable. It runs on the organic waste from the kitchens of the area's numerous hotels, which also solves their problem of waste disposal. The bio-gas is used to run the nearby cheese production facility, a holiday farm and the beauty spa of the family's hotel.

Over recent years the valley has worked hard to create a clean environment - the laborious job of linking the high mountain refuges to the main sewer network has been completed and strict selection in waste disposal has been implemented involving hoteliers and inhabitants in the differentiation of the various types of waste.