The competition will be judged by international rules according to the competitor's choice of line (degree of difficulty), control in descent, fluidity, aggressiveness, form and technique.
The number of competitors that will advance from the pre-qualifying heat will depend on the weather forecast, but will probably be 30. For the qualification heat there's space for roughly 100 (total for all classes) and about 40 will advance to the finals.
Røldal currently has 3,6m of snow and a decreasing danger of avalanches, which should go down further closer to the competition. However disturbing the steep slopes mean avalanches are more likely to occur. Competitors are responsible for making a personal evaluation of safety in all aspects of the competition, and are required to wear a helmet and back protector and carry an avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe, they must also sign a personal release statement and pay a 400 NOK cash fee to participate.
On Sunday May 4th the ski resort will be open for those who want to go skiing. There will be big jumps and quarter pipes available if the snow conditions allows for it.