Located on Scandinavia's highest mountain (2469 metres, 8,098 feet), the summer ski season here is one of the world's longest, continuing right through to mid November and normally attracting several international teams. The mountain is at the gateway to the beautiful Jotunheimen region.
Norway's longest T bar on a glacier is located here, the 1.4km long lift was installed in 2002 and reaches 2,250m on the Juvbreen Glacier, five kilometers from Galdhøpiggen mountain itself. From a base of1900m there's a 350m lift served vertical.

Galdhøpiggen Summer Ski Centre is located approx. 45-minute drive from the centre of Lom in the direction Sognefjellet. Lom is only a 5-hour drive from the capital Oslo. During the summer it is also possible to travel by bus up to the ski centre.