In the middle of the glacier landscape Mother Nature has created a large amusement park - young or old, professional or amateur will find great fun here. The lifts will bring you to about 4800f, where you get the feeling of being on top of Norway, and from here and down its smooth turns in summersnow...

Stryn has been a natural playground for summersnow activities since the 1930s, we work hard to make sure new experiences and memories can be found here, and to make your stay enjoyable! We welcome you this summer!

Lifts and slopes
From the base at 1080m a chairlift will take you up to 1300m, from there a T-bar will lift you to the top at 1600m. There's also available a children's lift.

We want Stryn Summerski to be fun for the whole family. In addition to hills appropriate for children we will this season put up a childfriendly lift at the bottom of the resort where kids at all ages can have fun.

There are some prepared slopes and an almost unlimited ground for offpiste lovers (keep safety rules in mind!).

You can also enjoy cross-country tracks across the Tystig Glacier, maintained in a daily basis as long as the weather permits. 

The park
Stryn Sommerski has through several years been ambitious about the park and keeping high quality. Every year a professional park-team build the park and create lines with jumps and rails for all levels. The best skiers and snowboarders work on their new skills and high jumps here, and you will find pictures from the our park
in magazines thus many photoshoots are held in Stryn during summer.

The park is also arena for many of the events held at Stryn Summerski - competitions, camps and shows take place through summer.

There is a bus available to get to and from the ski center.

It goes once a day from Stryn at 9am up to the ski center (stops at Folven at 9.30am), and down again to Stryn in the afternoon.

Only weekends from the 7th of june and daily from the 23rd of june.

Only 20 minutes from Stryn Summerski you find Folven Camping! “Folven” is not a place; it is a state of mind where good stories and great memories are born.

“Folven” has through the years become a legendary hangout for ski and snowboard enthusiasts from all over the world. For more info, go to Folven Camping

On a regular day Stryn is beautiful - at the best it is magic!

Snow report Stryn