The Italian glacier ski area is currently reporting heavy snowfall with 15cm (six inches) of fresh snow at type of posting today, 3pm on Tuesday, 23rd September.
The park covers 120.000 square meters of glacier at 3,200m altitude. It is equipped with Easy, Medium and Pro Lines and is maintained daily by hand and by snowcat.
The Easy line contains a three metre downbox, kicker with two metre table, Woopline, Kinkedboc and a second downbox, this one four metres.

The Medium line has a medium Butterbox with Wall ride, a five metre straight rail, a kickerline with three take off's (6m, 7m, 8m), a four metre picnic table, a nine metre straight box, a mailbox for stops and slides a medium corner and a second straight Rail, this one four metres long.

The Pro line has a nine metre down rail, a downbox with five metre gap, and three kickers with 10, 14 and 22 metre tables respectively. There's also a corner, a roller with 15 metre table, a quarterpipe with gap and a six metre by six metre wallride.