This all new Mondial will be the opportunity to discover the latest winter 08/09 skis, to test them out on the 2 Alpes glacier at 3200 metres, and to meet the international riders out in force for this start of the season event. On both weekends, clothing brands will be launching new trends when they present their collections at the heart of the resort in a 700m² marquee.
The equipment trials are free of charge and will take place up on the 2 Alpes glacier at 3200m, from 8.30 am to 3.30 pm. The general public will be able to get a feel for the equipment, trying out different models of skis and snowboards and chatting with brand representatives before buying their equipment in time for the winter
In the park there'll be a dedicated area known as the WANTED SPOT and created especially for the occasion. With newly designed, unique modules a competition will be held on the Saturday and will be a qualifier for the freestyle show later that evening. Training sessions will take place first thing in the morning and 11 am will mark the launch of the hostilities, which will carry on until 3pm. At the end of the competition, both amateurs and pros will receive their ranking and there will be many prizes to be won.
There will also be an Airbag Contest especially for amateurs. Competitors launch themselves into the air and carry out the most incredible moves before landing on a mattress filled with air. The Air bag will be located at 1650 metres, close to the Tourist Office.
There's much more during the weekend and special deals on accommodation. For example a four person apartment from just 210€ for the weekend.