"Snow making is now ready at the race slope and we'll put all effort to make training courses ready for the event" says the Race Chief, Tapio Kokko.
So much snow was made to the Levi Black competition course, that Kokko sees no risks that even longer period of warmer weather will risk the competition.
"I don't think that we would have any problems with the racing slope. There's enough snow on the whole competition area and we'll be injecting the course at the latest on Wednesday."
Injecting means freesing snow by injecting more water in it so the snow it becomes harder and more durable. The weight of snow will be increased fro 450 grammes per litre to 700 grammes per litre by adding water. The whole racing slope will be injected on the area 24 meters wide, and it takes two days to do it with 20 workers.
FIS Race Director Hans Pieren arrives in Levi on Thursday to check out the condition of the racing slope. Before that the majority of the water in the snow making system will be directed to the Front piste, so that the training areas will be ready for the race.
The organizers plans to open the Front piste to the public on Friday November 7th.
According to Ari Kurula, who is in charge for an accommodation, the hotels and other lodging in the centre of Levi are beginning to fill up.
"Some single rooms might still be available in the centre, but there's still plenty of room in the cabins further away from the centre" Kurula says.
Even more media representatives than last year are also expected to arrive to Levi. General Secretary of the race Mikko Saarinen says that he's looking forward to this year's race being a great experience for the audience as well as for the competitors.