Further East the leading ski area in the Quebec-City area, Mont Ste Anne, has also opened. Since the beginning of last week, the resort's mountain operation's team has proceeded to ignite snow guns all over the North side.

To guarantee efficient snow making, temperatures need to drop to a range from -5 to -7. Since that was comfortably achieved, the resort is now open 7 days a week

The consistency of the cold front allowed Mont Ste Anne's 110+ snow guns to work around the clock, the whole week. The trails Quanik, Paradeuse, Printanière and Melanie Turgeon were open on the North Side for the season opening.

The resort has just purchased two new groomers, worth 650 000$, to add to their fleet. And should mother nature fail to bring the usual metres of snow over $3.5m have been invested over the past few years to install a proficient and environmentally friendly snow-making system, which is so efficient that it could cover the entire distance between the resort and Quebec City (about 50km) with a 15 cm layer of snow in practically one day!

Snowmaking has also begun at sister resort Stoneham, which is set to open on November 28th, at 4pm. To celebrate the season, the resort is throwing a major bash, the Bud Light November Chill: snow park, jams, industry demos, DJs outside and in, a graffiti demonstration, and the unveiling of new stunts.