The Christmas Market in Bruneck has existed already for ten years. How and why did it originate?
Martin Resch: The Christmas Market took first place 19 years ago in the upper part of town. The idea was to make the time before Christmas more attractive. However, there were some starting problems the first few years and so the Market was stopped. In 1997, the Christmas Market got a sort of second chance. From then on it has taken place at the "Brunecker Graben" and has grown since then. It has become a favourite place for people to meet and hang around. The "Brunecker Graben" is simply more convenient because there's lots of space and it is a good eye-catcher for people passing by with their cars. In the meantime the Market has stretched out to the town hall square.

Nowadays there are Christmas Markets in lots of cities. What makes this Christmas Market stand out against others?
Martin Resch: There are several aspects which make this market so unique. The nearby Kronplatz Mountain and the possibility to ski makes this place attractive for lots of people. Skiing at daytime and strolling through the Market in the late afternoon till evening to enjoy the time before Christmas is a great combination.
The Market is themed "Mountain Christmas - tradition and modern spirit" since the tradition plays a vital role in the Pustertal Valley. Bruneck, in addition, is a very dynamic and modern town. Both aspects, tradition and modern flair, should come across. Therefore, we focus on handicrafts. In a twelve-metre-long pavilion traditional handicraft such as tatting and monastic artwork is shown. You can also watch wood turners, or how baskets are bound and how wax is turned into candles. Various social associations sell their crafted products. Local people collaborate and tourists can learn more about our traditions.

Which supporting programme does the Christmas Market offer?
Martin Resch: We have various concerts such as Christmas concerts, gospel songs or Jazz concerts, a St. Nicholas parade, a handicraft exhibition of the countrywomen of the Pustertal Valley, a varied children programme in the old gym with a Punch and Judy show, baking, drawing and painting, handicraft work, a children train and a petting zoo.