Absence of snow never occurs because of a strong snow-making team of 40 people working 24 hours a day to make your winter dreams become true. 264 snow guns, computer terminals and the latest snow making technique, 32 strong snow cats conjure each night - in the morning the magic is done and perfect slopes await the skiers. These are the most impressive facts which bring the Kronplatz Mountain the top positions in ratings in special interest magazines. "Top Ten: The best family ski resort" (SkiMAGAZIN), "best ski rental" ("rentasport" Kronplatz was awarded the prize of best "rentasport" ski rental in Italy for the second time in a row. The award took place in Bolzano at the "Pro Winter" fair) - just to mention the rational facts. But the Kronplatz Mountain has even more to offer.

The villages
If anyone had the idea to plan the ideal winter sport region on a drawing-board then it would probably look like the Kronplatz region. The mountain in the centre with the villages all around it: 13 small villages which include the town of Brunico with its romantic old town centre, the sunny and quiet village of Falzes known for its spectacular view and the traditional village S. Martino in Badia known as an insider tip.
Bruneck, San Vigilo di Marebbe, Olang, St.Lorenzen, Kiens, Pfalzen, Rasen, the Gsieser Valley, Terenten, Welsberg, Taisten, Gais-Uttenheim and San Martino in Badia.

The ski mountain
The beloved „baldy": a flat summit plateau for children, beginners and sun worshippers - the 360 degree panorama is the best side-effect you could wish for. The slopes are to be found with all grades of difficulty: dashing down the powder snow on the north slopes to Reischach. Insiders savour the name "Sylvester"! The eastern side towards Olang is broad and perfect for wide radii! The slopes towards S. Vigilio are truly picturesque.
And here, in the Ladin-speaking village, a new chapter in the history of the Kronplatz Mountain has started in winter 2005/2006. A new eight-orbit-lift-system purrs up to the Piz de Plaies and takes athletes to another hot spot in the Dolomites - to the black slope „Erta" (Erta means „steep" in Ladin). Since 2006/2007 the Kronplatz has another hot potato: the new lift „Piculin" leaving from the Val Badia Valley with a downhill slope that is quite challenging even for pros. Apropos athletes: The bus at the valley station takes you in 20 minutes to Sompunt with connection to another big cult object for skiers: the Sella Ronda, the legendary round tour of the Sella Mountain!

The huts
Why seek far afield when the good could not be any closer by? There's a lot to do at the Kronplatz Mountain and after all you are on holiday and not in a ski training camp. Another discipline is the stop at a perfect restaurant. The Kronplatz ski resort counts about 40 huts and more huts, inns, restaurants and wine taverns can be found in the surrounding valley: traditional or award winning ones. Enjoy the perfect mixture of Tyrolean, Italian and Ladin cuisine. A special treat, indeed!

The kids
We have one restaurant especially for kids: the Kroni restaurant for children. The Kronplatz is absolutely top also when it comes to the perfect family holiday. Right at the top, close to the sun, there is the CIMOCLUB for the prospective ski artists together with the children's restaurant KRONI. However, a children's ski school, a few fairy tale figures or a special cutlet are not enough to guarantee the perfect winter for families. Therefore, the Kronplatz offers a special teaching programme for children from the age of 3 and above in cooperation with the ski instructor-school South Tyrol. They focus on fun and games. The ski school Kronplatz and the ski school Olang/Rasen have founded the CRONI ADVENTURE WEEK FOR KIDS: Every day exciting ski competitions are being organised for the experienced young skiers. The gran finale of this adventure week is the ski race on Friday with an award ceremony! We also have the "KorerExpress", a child-friendly eight-orbit lift system in Reischach, a place ideal for children and beginners. Easy access to the lift, super wide slopes - for beginners only!

from 29.11.2008 until 19.04.2009