Now the Swiss Acappella Band Bliss has filmed an exact reproduction of the famous video at the original locations used at the time.
Originally shot before Christmas 1984, a group of young people, a romantic cabin in the forest, snow-capped mountains, the sky slightly overcast, lots of snow and fun beneath the Christmas tree. Add a tinge of sadness and the result is the Wham video.
The task to recreate the video appeared almost impossible at the start but has resulted in a sensational, entertaining remake of the classic video, staged and executed to perfection, according to Saas Fee insiders. Even the hairstyles and clothing are right, taking the viewer back to the happy time when shoulder pads, leggings and "mullet" hairstyles were all the rage.
This BLISS video can now be seen on TV music stations and youtube and the band will perform live in Saas-Fee on 6 February 2009 with a full programme to include concert, after show party and autograph session with the Band in the Living Room Bar of the Unique Hotel Dom.
Saas-Fee/Saastal is holding a prize draw of two overnight stays in the Unique Hotel Dom including breakfast for the BLISS concert on their website.