The biggest snow falls of the past week have touched 50cm (20 inches) with Campo Felice near Rome accumulating 35cm (14 inches) and Limone Piemonte in the Alps 20cm (eight inches).

Sella Nevea still has the most snow in the country and possibly Europe with 640cm (over 21 feet) . The Presena glacier, which will remain open through May and in to June has 530cm (over 17 feet).

In the Holiday Region Kronplatz - on the slopes of the Kronplatz mountain and in the surrounding villages - you can re-experience past times this week.

There's lots to do including Böcklfohrn (skiing with seats), the harvest festival Schmelzpfandl, traditional fashion shows on the Kronplatz top, the Kniabiaga ski team, traditional culinary delights, cookery courses, a nostalgic pageant, telemark (with telemark ski rental by Rent a Sport and Skisalon Miara) and lots more. In addition there are several restaurants and huts that offer typical Tyrolean dishes during this special week.