The Wild West is the second of Sunshine's free ride zones to open this season, featuring some of the most extreme in-bounds terrain available in North America. Located on Goat's Eye Mountain, the Wild West can be seen from the gondola after leaving the mid-point curve station.
Not for the faint-hearted, the Wild West features three major rock-walled couloirs, steep crevices, and a series of cliffs - some reaching more than 30 metres.
Features of the Wild West were named after many of Banff National Park's pioneers, providing a glimpse into the region's colourful history. They include "Wild" Bill Peyto, a trapper and one of Banff's first wardens; Norman "Mr. Banff" Luxton, an early publisher of the Crag and Canyon newspaper; and Bruno Engler, an explorer and renowned photographer.
Delirium Dive features more than 600 acres of steep and deep terrain that remains a favourite with enthusiasts. Last year, a writer for the Sydney Morning Herald named it one of the world's 10 best off-piste destinations.
Natural features include 20-metre cornices, frozen waterfalls, stepped pillow drops, jagged rock spines, and 25-metre cliffs. These natural hazards are unmarked and exist throughout Delirium Dive.
Skiers and boarders need to use good judgment, know their skill level, and understand that mountain conditions may change quickly. Entry is only permitted for those with a shovel, transceiver and buddy.
Delirium Dive and the Wild West is open, weather permitting. Patrol reserves the right to refuse anyone who they deem ill-equipped or ill-prepared.
Newcomers without previous big mountain experience are recommended to join Sunshine Village's Ski and Snowboard School for their Delirium Sundays program. Instructors help to navigate the difficult terrain and provide various route options.
Sunshine attracts more than 500,000 skiers and riders during Canada's longest season, stretching from November to May 18.