Local hero Steffen Hamre won the Big Jump competition and the reputable charger Thomas Dølplads won the Slopestyle event.

The fact that both the Big Jump and Slopestyle competitions were won by Quiky Camp instructors made a positive impact on the camp participants; "It's really motivating to train all day with the best riders in the country" said Daniel Helmersen (13) from Asker.

Slopestyle champ Thomas Dølplads had also noticed the positive influence; "It's quite obvious that the students are giving it their all and it's awesome to see how their skills significantly improve after just a few days", he said.

Each Quiksilver camp rewards the rider who improves the most by camp completion and this time around the coveted award was rightfully given to Vebjørn Engseth (16) from Ålesund. He showed an impressive progression from start to end and was given a Quiksilver Miniramp for his efforts.

Vebjørn was superstoked to end up on top; "I never dreamed I could learn all these new tricks in just a weekend and I'm blown away by winning the award", he said. As all the participants experience steep learning curves, the competition for this award is fierce. Vebjørn is not shy about his excitement; "The ramp looks really good and I can't wait to tell the crew at home about our new toy!", he said.

The Camp at Beitostølen is the second and last camp in April. In the beginning of the month the crew gathered at Trysil for some fun in the sun and a casual Big Jump Contest. There were also arranged for a private session at Norway's only permanent surfing wave at the Radisson SAS Resort, Trysil.

The next camps will be held in June and July at a summer resort named Juvass. The resort is located at the foot of Northern Europe's highest mountain peak (1850 metres) and these camps are hugely popular.

Thomas, Vebjørn and Daniel are all going to Juvass and Thomas are really amped about it already; "the park there is created especially for the campers and the opportunity to ride wearing just a T-Shirt during the day and go skating, rafting or swimming in the evenings is really special", he said.

International campers are welcomed with open arms and if you're interested in further info, please contact info@quiksilvercamp.no