"A few days ago my partner Michele and I was on our first acclimatization trip we got to experience how big the mountain really is. At the beginning (above our 5100m base camp) it was a nice ski slope of 30 degrees with perfect hard packed snow. ...The ski slope got steeper, between 40-50 degrees and the snow got deeper. I had a hard time to stop dreaming about the upcoming ski descent on this perfect slope in soft powder snow."
The duo then had some difficulty finding a safe camping spot, but finally did and woke next morning to find they both had headaches and that it was windy and snowing outside. Ericsson continues,
"It stopped snowing and cleared up so we put our skis on and started sliding down the mountain. We took it easy in the beginning since I am always a bit unsecure on a new mountain especially when it is steep and rocks around. The snow was better than we had expected, cold and just a little windpacked and it was sloughing a bit."
"When the slope opened up I could do bigger turns and carry more speed, just cruising down the mountain. I had a big smile on my face, cause even if only a third of the mountain, we were skiing on K2. I got 900 vertical meters of nice skiing before I, totally euphoric, took my skis off 30 meters from my tent in base camp. I had just skied the coolest ski slope in the world."