The park is situated in spectacular surroundings on a glacier 2200 meters above sea level, based at the foot of Northern Europe's highest mountain, Galdhøpiggen.

Roxy teamrider and one of Norway's leading snowboard talents, Silje Norendal (15 -pictured) went to her first summer camp last year and found the combination of snow and summer temperatures extremely attractive; "The opportunity to go snowboarding in a T-shirt during the day and go swimming, skateboarding or rafting in the evening is truly unique", she said.

Silje has been snowboarding since she was four and has dominated the Norwegian junior championships in both pipe and slopestyle in 2006, 07 & 08. She also won these disciplines in Laax, Switzerland at the European Open in 2007 & 08.

However, you certainly don't need to be a pro to enjoy yourself at the camp. The park is specifically designed to cater for riders of all ages and skill levels. The kicker tables range from two to 16 meters in length and are divided into three different kickerlines. There's also a separate rail-combo-line which at any time consists of approximately 10 rails, but as the camp has more than 20 rails on hand this line will be constantly changing during the course of each camp in order to provide the riders with endless amounts of creative freedom.

All these elements combined make up a park-rider's utopia and divided into groups all participants will receive highly qualified instruction from the internationally acclaimed professionals attending this year's camps. Riders such as Ida Amble, Tom Wallisch and Adi Velic will make sure that all the campers return home with a big smile and a whole new bag of tricks.

Silje is stoked; "The instructors and the park crew are all really cool and put in a solid effort to keep it interesting for us", she said.

Although the majority of the participants at Quiksilver camps are boys there are a steadily increasing number of female rippers attending; "We had a great girl crew there last year and we're hoping that even more girls will rock up this summer", Silje said.

Camp # 3 is starting this Sunday and if you'd like to join in on the fun, please contact for more information.