In Africa temperatures have been very low - hitting double figures below zero overnight - at Tiffindell in South Africa. Snow depths there are up to 65cm (2.2 feet) with a kilometre of runs open. The other Southern African ski centre, Afriski in Lesotho, is also reported to be open.
There has been heavy snowfall in parts of South America, with Portillo in Chile reporting 60cm (2 feet) of new snow in the pasty week, although the falls have stopped now. It has more than 1.8m (6 feet) of snow at the top of the slopes and is a few centimetres off accumulating four metres (13.3 feet) of new snow already this winter.
Other resorts in Chile have also reported healthy snowfalls with base depths at centres like Valle Nevado and la Parva typically now at around 1.2-1.5m (4-5 feet).
It's a less promising picture in Argentina which has not seen much new snow and with the exception of Las Lenas, which has the country's best snow depths of around 1.2m (4 feet), the main centres have limited cover on lower slopes and a maximum of 60cm (2 feet) at the top of the lifts.
In Australia Perisher ski resort received 32cm (13 inches) of fresh snow in 24 hours last Wednesday/Thursday July 22nd/23rd and has received smaller accumulations since.
The new snow turned the resort's snow slopes in to a powdery paradise. To-date an accumulated 191cm (6.3 feet) of snow has settled across the resort, comprising 71cm (2.3 feet) in June and 120cm (four feet) since the beginning of July, allowing Perisher to offer excellent riding conditions across its four resort areas.
It has had some of the best of recent snowfalls, but most of the other Aussie snowfalls have reported significant accumulations too.
Most New Zealand resorts have also received fresh snow in the past week sand conditions continue to be snowy across much of the country. Most of the main centres on both islands now have healthy snow depths of 1.5 - 2.1 metres (5-7 feet) on upper slopes.