The re-opening of the funpark, a spectacular annual event, was organised in conjunction with the English organisation For Boarders By Boarders (FBBB).
For slopestyle fans, park users can choose their own route through the park, where they can tackle several obstacles. There are a number of jumps, rails and gaps, which have to be faced by the contestants by making a jump, slide or back flip.
The re-opening began on Friday evening (28 August) with a Solo Jam Session. During this contest every contestant collected their own points, trying to gain as many points as they can by performing their tricks. Prizes were awarded for ‘ Rider of the night,' ‘Rookie of the night' and ‘Trick of the night' in both male and female categories.
On Saturday there was a Team Jam Battle in between 7 and 11pm. Randomly selected team members (two male, two female) meant beginners were teamed with pros. Warming up to 9pm, battle then began with every team getting the chance to make two descents through the funpark. All contestants of each team, however, have to start their descents at the same time. Three teams made it to the finals, where one team will eventually won the prizes.
Contestants paid 20 Euros per day (of 17.5 Euros with a SnowWorld season pass) to enter the competition. The cost included a day ticket to the slopes and the starting fee.