At Mt Hotham the Road Runner, Village, Summit Quad, Summit Trainer and the Big D lifts are all still turning and tickets will be half price for the final few days of the season this weekend.
In New Zealand most ski areas are open for some weeks yet and most that are still open are reporting healthy base depths. Whakapapa for example has just over 1.5m (five feet) lying, at neighbouring Turoa it's still nearly 2.4m (eight feet) meaning a snowy October looks likely.
It's a more mixed poicture for snow depths in South America with accuimulations ranging from ‘not much' to ‘still quite adequate' and typical Spring snow conditions the norm with better skiing on upper slopes virtually everywhere. Las Lenas in Argentina repoorts some of the deepesat snow on the continent ranging from 90cm, (three feet) on lower slopes to 3.2m (nearly 11 feet) lying on summit slopes.
In Chile, Portillo hasn't added much to the eight metre (26 feet) tally-to-date for seasonal snowfall it passed some weeks ago now, reporting only a centimetre (half inch) of new snow in the past week. However it still has a healthy base from top (210cm/7 feet) to bottom (137cm/4.5 feet) of the mountain.