PrimaLoft® One – PrimaLoft’s premium insulation – is a respected synthetic microfibre used by top brands. Regarded as the best down alternative, it delivers down’s qualities plus extra properties: it’s water repellent and dries quickly should it get wet; is warm when wet and being lightweight and compressible packs down easily.  PrimaLoft® One absorbs less water, is warmer when dry and is warmer when wet than leading competitive insulations. 

Thought to be the best synthetic insulation on the market, PrimaLoft’s green conscious too: it’s man-made keeping our birds safe. Primaloft® has also created PrimaLoft® Eco, used in jackets and gilets, and PrimaLoft® Eco Footwear. Comprising 50% recycled fibres both perform to the high standards of PrimaLoft®. 

For sleeping bags there’s PrimaLoft® Infinity, a high-loft continuous filament fibre. It’s more compressible than other continuous filament insulations, is very warm and water repellent. PrimaLoft® Infinity fibres won’t migrate through your bag, delivering superior warmth without cold spots.
Convinced PrimaLoft’s for you? Then you’ll like the knittable version. Used in socks, PrimaLoft® Yarn with Quick Draw Technology™ capitalizes on PrimaLoft® repelling water and wool attracting it. All this activity creates a “force field” which drives a moisture management system keeping feet dry and comfy.

So you see PrimaLoft® is a snowsports’ enthusiast’s best friend.  All the properties of down with an added bonus: protection against the wet.


PrimaLoft One technical diagram