Rain and snow in the forecast for the West today, mostly quiet in the Northeast and Midwest as we move towards the end of the week. RC 



Most of the region will bask in the glow of January sunshine today, a welcome change from the beatings over the last few weeks. While folks in Northwest PA, New York and Northern New England may see some light action, everyone else will just need to bundle up to handle cool temps driven by the wind. Highs from the mid teens in Northern New England to the mid 40's further south.   



Road closures and power outages seem like a distant memory for the region today, as most folks enjoy clear skies and slightly above average temps. Only those in the extreme northern portions of the region will be in the mid teens (and have a shot at light snow); for everyone else, temps could run as high as 25 to 35 degrees above average. Enjoy today, as things get "back to normal" heading into the weekend.



Cooler temps, rain and mountain snow dominate most of the West today, as winter makes another appearance. The Sierra and the Rockies should see some snow and lower lying regions could see heavy downpours. This system appears to be spotty depending on location, so it's best prepare for wet roads in advance of travel. Highs from the mid 20's in the mountains to the mid 50's at the coast.