In Sweden Bydalen got the most with 45cm (18 inches) of new snow, followed by Vemdalen with 39cm (16 inches). Hassela got 30cm (a foot) and Tandådalen 22cm (9 inches)
Vemdalen and Ramundberget have the greatest snow depths in the country at the moment with 80cm (Nearly three feet) to enjoy off-piste. The forecast shows really low temperatures all over the country for the upcoming Christmas Holiday.
It's a similar picture in Norway with cold crisp weather (25 below zero this morning in Hemsedal) and fresh snow. Voss was one of the main beneficiaries, issuing a powder alarm at the weekend.
Across the North Sea in Scotland, four of the country's five ski areas are now open, again with low temperatures and fresh snow. Cairngorm, which has been open a month now, still have the best conditions, attracting more than 1,000 skiers to the slopes yesterday.