The Snow School pros at [R2804R, Revelstoke Mountain Resort] teach a program to ease skiers into the skills necessary for cat- or heli-skiing. The one-day program targets intermediate skiers who want to make the leap to terrain outside the lift-accessed boundaries and experts who want to get their legs back under them.

Revelstoke provides perfect terrain for the program as its lift-served slopes used to be accessed only by cat-skiing. "We take them up to the old cat-skiing terrain which is now inbounds," Snow School Manager Dan Sculnick told "It's becoming an increasingly popular choice."

The pros teach methods to conserve energy, how to pick a turn shape that is skill level and terrain appropriate, and work on techniques for powder. "We work on how to deal with trees," explained Sculnick. "We often forget that you need to look for the spaces between the trees, not at the trees."

The program, which is aimed at anyone 13 years old and above, includes five hours of on snow instruction on any day of the season. It costs $78 per person.

Four guests are required for the program to run. Groups of skiers sign up, but you can plop your name on the waiting list to join when four have signed up. Sign up for reservations by contacting

"We want to let them know that mechanized skiing is not as treacherous as the movies make it look when someone jumps out of a helicopter onto a tiny ledge," added Sculnick. "It's a fun-based program. The experienced skiers get the thrills they are used to while learners build the confidence to try mechanized skiing."