These are the two most popular off piste runs in Åre. Three people were caught but luckily there were no serious injuries - just a dislocated shoulder. The avalanche warning during the day was set to 3 on the 5 grade scale.
Otherwise it´s is really cold in Sweden right now, in common with mopst of the worldd's morre northerly latitudes. The resort of Idre reported temps as low as -35C and the forecasts are for even colder temperatures in the mountains today and on Thursday. In the south off Sweden more snow is expected again today with up to 20cm (8 inches) and the mountains can expect still more snow at the end of the week.
Norway also has lots of fresh snow. Indeede the small area of Stordal has reported 70cm (2.3 feet) of new snow in the past week - the most in the country, although many other areas have repoprted 30-60cm (1-2 feet).