Would you buy a product that could improve your skiing, reduce your risk for injuries, and make skiing more fun? If your answer is yes, then get ready to go with the Flo - FloSki, that is.

Skis have morphed from stiff, wooden skis that towered over your head to shorter, "shaped" skis over the past 30 years. While changes come and go, the goal always has been simple: to help you become a better skier and have more fun on the snow with the least amount of effort. Ski pioneer Clif Taylor introduced the "Graduated Length Method" of skiing back in the 1970s. The GLM method started students out on short (100 to 110cm) skis and gradually increased the length of the skis over a week as the students mastered the required skills.

Recently, Adrian Floreani, a former aerospace engineer and ski instructor, came up with an entirely new approach - the FloSki. The FloSki is a shorter version of today's contemporary shaped ski and uses a unique counterweight (called the "Flo") to offset the skis' shorter length. Made from a rubber sack, filled with synthetic oil and nickel-plated buckshot, the Flo is mounted onto the top surface of the skis, just forward of the binding toe piece. Unlike traditional shaped skis, the bindings are mounted behind the ski's center and the boots lock into a riser called the "FloRiser." The FloRiser elevates the boot off the snow surface, giving the skier added turning leverage and minimizes "boot outs" during tight turns.

The FloSki is available in 4 lengths: 125, 140, 150 and 160cm. The 125cm model is the most popular length and is constructed with a durable, yet light bamboo wood core. It has an exceptionally tight 8 meter turning radius, is lightweight, easy on the knees and sells for $875.

The 140cm model is a mid-fat ski that's perfect for plunging through powder, moguls and crud. Because of its radical sidecut, the 140 not only performs well off-piste, but also handles groomed, hardpacked and icy conditions with ease. This is a great universal ski that can be skied all over the mountain, regardless of the conditions. The 140 is popular with baby boomer skiers because it turns effortlessly and floats through powder. The racing base on the 140 is easy to maintain and provides good stability at high speeds. Seasoned skiers enjoy "The Flo" hydrodynamic dampening system on the 140 because it makes the ski easy to turn with less stress on their knees. The 140 also is available in reconditioned demo models beginning at $650.

The 150cm model is the most versatile model FloSki and is designed to handle all types of conditions. It features a 9 meter turning radius, bamboo hardwood core and lightweight Tyrolia SR 100 bindings that can accommodate DIN settings from 2.5 to 10. The binding quickly adjusts to any boot size with the flick of a button. Like the other models, the 150 uses the FloRiser Free Flex binding system. Because the riser is attached to the ski with only four small screws, it allows the ski to flex over the entire length of the ski, allowing it to make sharper, more controlled turns.

The 160cm model FloSki is the longest model available and skis like a traditional 180cm ski. It's designed for fast, powerful skiers and people who enjoy all types of skiing conditions. Due to its unique design, the 160 has the stability of a Super G ski with the quickness of a slalom ski. It's perfect for powder, off-piste and moguls. Because the bindings are mounted behind the center of the ski, the ski turns easier and reduces the risks for anterior cruciate ligament injuries.

If you've been searching for an easy, unique solution to improving your skiing while minimizing your risk for injury, the FloSki could be for you. The FloSki is available for demonstration at most major ski resorts across the country. If you would like to reserve a pair of demo skis for your next ski vacation, contact customeservice@floskis.com or call them at 800-356-7547.