The previous record gold haul for a host nation was 10, jointly held by the US and Norway.
The US v Canada ice hockey final also set records in Canada for viewing with nearly three-quarters of the population watching some or all of the match.
The host nation experienced their first three-gold medal day in their Winter Games history on Saturday. The men's long-track team consisting of Denny Morrison, Lucas Makowsky, and Mathieu Giroux started off the day by beating the US, and just minutes later Jasey-Jay Anderson mounted an exciting comeback in the second leg of the Parallel Giant Slalom final, winning another gold medal for Canada. The third Canadian gold medal of the day went to Kevin Martin, who beat Norway 6-3 in men's curling.
26 countries won medals, the US winning the most with 37 and Germany second with 30. Canada placed third with 26 in total, more than half gold, and Norway fourth with 23. Austria was fifth with 16.
The only surprise in the medals tables was that neither Austria or Canada won any medals in Alpine ski events, although many of Canada's leading skiers didn't compete at the Games due to injuries sustained earlier in the winter.